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El Maniquí Vintage is one of the best vintage stores in Barcelona

El Maniquí Vintage is one of the best vintage stores in Barcelona. In it, you will find clothes from all decades.

Located in Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter, El Maniquí Vintage is a charming place, decorated with love and plenty of evocative details.


Our store seeks a different shopping experience. We want you to immerse yourself in the magic of each vintage era. That is why we have garments and accessories from great designers.

In El Maniquí Vintage you can also find vintage fashion that you will not find anywhere else. Designers of Barcelona, ​​stocks of prestigious firms and timeless accessories.

Silvia Moyano, owner of El Maniquí Vintage, rigorously selects the clothes that you will find in the store later. To do this, she pays attention to quality, the decade in which the piece was made and its potential use with seasonal garments.

Another of the strengths of El Maniquí Vintage is its section of vintage clothing for men. Not only adults, but also the many young people who see vintage as a new luxury.

Silvia is also a designer. The store offers the fashion that it has reworked from vintage materials. Leather jackets, shirts made with vintage ties and many other surprises.

In El Maniquí Vintage there is also space for advice. Silvia herself will answer any questions you may have about the clothes. In addition, she can also advise you on how to combine it. She can give you valuable advice.

If you are visiting Barcelona, ​​make El Maniquí Vintage a stop on your shopping route. You will discover why it’s one of the best vintage stores in Barcelona!

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