Vintage style for a 91-year-old model

At El Maniqui Vintage, we have special clients. Each one can become “models”, or may we say, stylish individuals, thanks to the vision of Silvia Moyano.


A wonderful example is the day Corinne Anton Parsekian, a New Yorker , 91 years old, strolled into the shop. With an elegance, a natural style of her own, and a kindness to match, Silvia immediately connected to her envisioning  a style and working with Corinne.

She proposed a project, and Corinne accepted. Silvia thought it would not be easy to model at 91, but with the modern mentality and spark of Corinne, the two of them, along with her team, could make it happen. They created màgic.


All went quite smoothly, her idea was to create different styles maintaining Corinne´s elegance being careful not to over exaggerate, which would take away from the beauty of her age.

vintage style barcelona

Silvia focused on three different looks; the first vintage style, Corinne wore a vintage coat , a vibrant Caribbean green, from Loewe 1980´s collection.. The bag she held from the 60´s,  tangerine leather gloves , around her neck a vintage silk scarf from Richel sporting the same tones,  a necklace from 1969-1970´s, and glasses from the 80´s.

vintage style barcelona

The second vintage style includes a Black and red sweater, a 1980´s jacket (her personal design), large chunky necklace´s in black and white, glasses from the 1960´s and a vintage bag.

The third vintage style, a vintage jacket, a white shirt, around her neck an antique hand made wood Tibetan link necklace, and, a black silk scarf. To keep her hands warm, a white synthetic muff.

vintage style barcelona

“ I felt so lucky , says Silvia, to have had the opportunity to work with Corinne. It was so special.

vintage style barcelona

I want to thank my collaborator, Neyshastyle in helping with the clothing choices and directing the photo session. She did a wonderful job.

The shoot was illuminating and truely, a day to remember.

Estilismos vintage por:

Model: Corinne Anton Parsekian
Stylist: Silvia Moyano y Neyshastyle
Make up: Cristine Panagiotidis
Photographer: The World Kats

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